Anne Marie Laureys
°1962 Belgium
+32 (0)472 64 92 16




  • Contained, volume visualised through clay and glass, with Alison Britton, Andrea Walsh, Anne Marie Laureys, Deirdre McLoughin, Richard Meitner, Marit Tingleff, J.M. Wintrebert curated by Monique Deul, Arianamuseum, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Soloshow Torhouts Aardewerkmuseum, Belgium
  • OUT THERE exhibition project (the studio with ‘quatre mains’), atelier Lachaert & D’Hanis, Belgium
  • De Briques, traveling group exhibition, Douai, La Borne France
  • WCC-BF collection Musée La Piscine Roubaix, France


  • Invited artist ‘Regarding George Ohr: Contemporary Art in the Spirit of the Mad Potter’ groupshow with Garth Clark as curator and with Kathy Butterly, Nicole Cherubini, The Haas Brothers, Katuro Kuwata, Anne Marie Laureys, Gareth Mason, Ron Nagle, Ken Price, Brian Rochefort, Jesse Wine, Betty Woodman, Boca Rotan Museum of Art, Florida, US  

  • TASTE at Tresor Contemporary Craft, Basel; Switzerland
  • ‘Spotlights on ceramics’  TASTE at ArtMonteCarlo, Monaco
  • Curiosity group show, Palais Abbatial de Saint Hubert, Luxembourg, Belgium
  • De Briques, traveling group exhibition Le Non-Lieu, Roubaix, France and WCC-Bf Galerie, Mons, Belgium
  • Ceramiek, group show, AKA Tielt, Belgium
  • Carla Koch Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, The Netherlands
  • WCC-Bf at Collect London 2017, United Kingdom
  • TASTE at ArtGenève, Switzerland
  • Vase – Function Reviewed, Farmleigh House, Dublin, Ireland
  • Nuages : International selection of artists, Wcc-Bf, Mons, Belgium


  • Sexy Ceramics, Keramiekmuseum Princessehof, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
  • Vase – Function Reviewed an  international selection of artists working with the vessel format, National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland
  • Nuages : International selection of artists Cc Giroussens France & Mons, Belgium
  • ‘Smell the Roses’ atelier Lachaert & D’Hanis, Belgium
  • Art Amsterdam, Carla Koch gallery, The Netherlands
  • Taste Contemporary Craft Artgenève, Switserland  & Switzerland-carlo, Monaco


  • Auction, Museum D’Hondt Dhaenens, Belgium
  • Gallery Sofie Lachaert, off space, Knokke, Belgium
  • Collect, London, UK
  • 20 Year!, Carla Koch Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Design Dubai 2015, Arabian Emirates
  • Taste CONTEMPORARY CRAFTS at Artgenève, Switserland


  • ‘not just a bowl of cherries’, a celebration of 25 years Sofie Lachaert Gallery, Belgium
  • Anna Heindl & Anne Marie Laureys Sofie Lachaert Gallery, Belgium
  • Vase: Vessel: Void, curated by Brian Kennedy and OS at Oliver Sears Gallery Dublin, Ireland
  • Ceramic Event VI, curated by Gallery de L’Ô, Brussels, Belgium
  • “La Borne Invite les Belges” Belgium Contemporary Ceramics at Switzerland, France
  • Ceramic Art London, CAL 2014, United Kingdom
  • Invited artist Masterclass “Me, clay & Mr Frankenstein”, Delhi Blue Pottery, New Delhi, India
  • Taste Contemporary Crafts, Geneva, Switzerland


  • Show in duo with Halima Cassell, UK, Puls Gallery Brussels, B
  • Oeverture, Conversation Nouée, Els Jacobs invites, Nora De Rudder, AnneMarie Laureys, Ria Lins, Ghent, B
  • Lecture at the Ceramics and Glass department, Royal college of Art, London, UK
  • Groupshow Belgian Crafts WCC-BF invites Design Flanders at Collect 2013, London, UK
  • Groupshow Reinhilde Van Grieken, Ester Stasse, Group show Pauwels, Barbara Nanning, Anne Marie Laureys, AD Gallery, Antwerp, B
  • Group show Contemporary Ceramics Le Paige, Herentals, B
  • Invited artist at Paradigm a groupshow of Norsk Kunsthandverk (Oslo), Design Flanders Gallery, Brussels, B


  • Symposium Porcelain another Way exhibition group show museum & Glass and Ceramics Gallery Wroclaw, Poland
  • Hidden Talent Group Show at Gallery Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode (near Antwerp) , B
  • Invited artist at the Porcelain another way symposium, Walbrzych, Poland
  • Group show Connivences ‘artistes en affinités’, duo presentation with Patrick Vanhuffel summer of the EPAA WCC-BF, Mons,, B
  • Kunst RAI Amsterdam, NL represented by Gallery Carla Koch, NL
  • Group show by WCC-BF, Collect 2012, Saatchi Building, London, UK


  • Hitte/Heat an experiment, invited artist at FS Gallery and private museum, Ghent, B
  • Honourable mention International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan
  • The Vessel a show by Wcc-Bf, Collect 2011 Saatchi building,London, B
  • Solo show Clara Scremini gallery, Paris, F


  • Happy Christmas Stocking, Puls Ceramics Gallery Brussels, B
  • Keramiekparcours : Duo Show Philippe Barde & Anne Marie Laureys at Ann Mertens Gallery, Leuven, B
  • ‘KOM’ an international selection all about the ceramic vessel by Mieke Everaet at Cypres Gallery Leuven,B
  • Solo show at Carla Koch Gallery, Amsterdam, B
  • Rayon Art, Iselp,Brussels, B
  • Biënnale de la céramique contemporaine, Andenne, B
  • Misenpli, Comblain au pont,B
  • Still Life from Flanders, Flow Gallery, London, UK
  • GaeaAeolus/The wind project & Clay-e-motion forms, Artonivo,Brugge,B
  • “Dialogue”, Wcc, Bf, Mons, B
  • European Prize for Applied Arts, Grand Hall of the Ancient abattoirs, Mons, B


  • European Ceramics Westerwald Preis 2009, Keramikmuseum Hohr Grenzhausen, D
  • ‘The World Cup’ 10 years of FS Gallery & Private Museum Ghent, B
  • 5th World Ceramic Biennial 2009 Cibeko, Korea
  • ‘Ceramica Multiplex ‘Museum Varazdin, Croatia
  • Halima Cassell & Anne Marie Laureys at Puls Ceramics Brussels, B
  • Down to Earth, CC Strombeek, B
  • 6xKei, CC De Brouwerij, Ronse, B


  • Qartz pakt uit, Mechelen, B
  • Design Verpakt,Design Flanders Gallery, Brussels, B
  • First Biennial Contemporary Teapot Exhibition/Arts & Crafts museum, Shanghai, China
  • Vallauris Biennale Internationale de la Céramique Contemporaine, FR
  • Taiwan Ceramics Biennale/Juror’Recommendation,Tapei Country Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan
  • “With love from Belgium “ceramic museum Westerwald, Hohr-Grenzhausen, D


  • “Triennale Européenne Ceramique/Verre”, Mons, B
  • “Design Verpakt”, Design Vlaanderen galerie Brussel, B
  • Centrum Goed Werk/Felicity Aylieff en Anne Marie Laureys, Zulte B & ceramic conference at Cirkel Brasschaat, B
  • Galerie Ingrid Adriaensens, Gent B
  • International Ceramics, Loes& Reinier, Deventer, NL
  • Museum Waterland, “Belgian Design”, Purmerend, NL
  • Cerco 07 Feria y Premio Internacional de Ceramica Contemporanea, Zaragoza, S
  • “New Harvest “Design Flanders, Brussel, B
  • Wcc-bf Mons, B


  • The Yard Nijmegen, NL
  • Wcc-bf- Mons, B
  • Ceramic Art London, Royal College, London, UK

2005 : Wcc-bf Mons, B
2003 : Galerie Link, Gent,B
2002 : Centrum Goed Werk, Zulte, B

  • 2013 talk in duo with Kris Campo at Keramiekatelier Ieper, B
  • 2013 talk in duo with Jeanne Opgenhaffen Contemporary Ceramics at Chateau Le Paige,Herentals, B
  • 2012 HEAT a lecture about my contemporary ceramic art work at CC Strombeek, B
  • 2010 Philippe Barde, Anton Reynders, Trees De Mits Anne Marie Laureys at Museum M,Leuven, B
  • 2009 Ceramics of India, ‘The Ayanaar Horses’, Andenne, B
  • 2008 Ceramic Art London (event programme) Royal College of art , London, UK
  • 2007 Ceramic conference “Studio Ceramics Today”Schoten Centrum Goed Werk & Atelier Cirkel 27 /10/07
  • “The studio ceramics of tomorrow” Felicity Aylieff & Anne Marie Laureys
  • Ariana Museum, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Keramiek Museum Princessehof Leeuwarden, NL
  • Haags Gemeentemuseum, NL
  • Museum of Modern Art,Grand Hornu, Arts&Crafts collection Province du Hainaut, Belgium
  • Arts&Crafts Museum of Shanghai, Modern Pot Collection,China
  • Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Modern Ceramics Collection, Hohr Grenzhausen,Germany
  • Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum, Official Collection, Taiwan
  • 2016 : Function, Form, Fantasy Ceramics from the DR. Robert and Deanna Harris Burger Collection, USA
  • 2011 : Hitte/Heat text written by Didier Van de Steene about the HEAT experiment anno 2011, B
  • 2011 : The POT BOOK by Edmund De Waal, Phaidon Press, London, UK,
  • 2009 : CONTEMPORARY CERAMICS by Emmanuel Cooper,London,UK
  • 2009 : Revue de la Ceramique et du Verre, nr 02/09
  • 2008 : KME magazine, Zum zeil Tansen, nr 6/2008
  • 2007 : Kleikeramiek magazine interview & cover, juni 07
  • 2007 : ”BREAKING THE MOULD” boek BDP ‘new approaches to ceramics’ .Londen, UK
  • 2007 : Interview/tekst “Well educated clay is as gentle as a little girl” Didier Van De Steene
  • 1990-2006 : articles in magazines, sites, newspapers , bv : Knack magazine, De Morgen, Feeling etc..
1981/85 Hoger Kunst Instituut Sint Lucas Gent Ceramics Department/proff: Marnix Hoys & Rik Vandewege/speciality: wheelthrowing.
Final project : Saltglaze all around the “Jacobacanne”: history, kilnconstruction, firing, interpretation of form.
Stages, workshops in Belgium & Portugal, UK, Italy, India …