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TRANSFORMATIVE BOUNDARIES, Fabienne Levy Gallery, Geneve & Lausanne, November 19, 2023>January 27, 2024

Fabienne Levy invites Taste Contemporary to create dialogues between different artists. In art, boundaries are by no means obstacles, but rather a catalyst for transcending limits. In the world of art, boundaries are not obstacles; they are invitations to transcend.

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PETIS OBJETS a, Galerie 10a, Belgium, December 1>31, 2023

Met onze groepsexpo Petits objets a maken we een knipoog naar het begrip ‘objet petit a’ bedacht door Jacques Lacan. Deze psychoanalyticus benoemde het object dat ons verlangen veroorzaakt met de kleine letter a.

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BISE, soloshow La Verrière, Brussels, Belgium, May 17>July 29, 2023

Joël Riff’s second exhibition as curator of La Verrière, in Brussels, gives Belgian ceramist Anne Marie Laureys unprecedented visibility, while associating her with three other leading figures: Maude Maris, Amélie Lucas-Gary and Auguste Rodin. A free catalog is available in situ. WELCOME!

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