HITTE/HEAT an experiment! at a Gallery and Private museum in Ghent, B 6-11> 4-12-2011

Anne Marie Laureys invites artists out of the fine and applied arts, not into ceramics, to work in her studio during several months to try out new ideas into clay.  The exhibition of these unusual results will take place at a well known ceramic gallery and private museum in Ghent, Belgium. Most of the art works are made in dialogue with the medieval rooms and eclectic modern new spaces build on … A great opportunity for several participants in this exhibition is the confrontation with lots of remarkable objects from the historic private collection of  the owner with their recent creations…

Jos Devriendt, Hilde De Decker, Frans Gentils, Hanneke Van Hage, Patrick Vanhuffel, Anne Marie Laureys work out objects and atmospheres different from what the public is used to see in this gallery!

Didier Van de Steene is writing an essay about HITTE/HEAT!

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