CONNIVENCES ‘artistes en affinités’,Mons, B 14-7>09-09-2012

Group show at the site of the old slaughterhouse, home of the office and exhibition gallery of the WCC-Bf,Rue de la Trouille 17/2, Mons, B.

A duo presentation of Anne Marie Laureys with the ceramics art work of P.V.(collection experiment  HITTE/HEAT 2011).

The WCC-BF site also hosts the international exhibition of selected and awarded art work for the Euorpean Prize of Applied Arts 2012, Rue de la Trouille, Mons, B

One of the selected artists in the EPAA is Hanneke Van Hage with Fever a work that was the result of the HEAT/HITTE experiment 2011, with exhibition automn 2011 in Ghent .

Connivences_artistes en affintiés été 2012