VASE: VESSEL: VOID Oliver Sears Gallery Dublin, Ireland 4-9>2-10-2014


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VASE : VESSEL : VOID curator Brian Kennedy

The exhibition looks at the movement from the still life and the functional towards abstraction in the fine and applied arts. It is a dialogue through objects between gallerist/collector Oliver Sears and curator Brian Kennedy and includes a broad range of two and three-dimensional work from the fine and applied arts.

This exhibition is a keystone event DUBLIN CRAFT TRAIL during the International Academy of Ceramics Conference Dublin 2014There is a reception Thursday 11th September. This reception will be attended by key delegates and committee members of the conference.

Exhibition dates: 4th September – 2nd October 2014

 Oliver Sears Gallery Dublin  

 29 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

 Private view 6 – 8.30, 4th September 2014

Applied artists taking part are:

Sara Flynn, Liam Flynn, Frances Lambe, Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill, Deirdre Hawthorne, Karl Harron, Karen Donnellan, Andrea Walsh, Anne Marie Laureys, Ipek Kotan, Juliette Bigley, Alison Britton,Gordon Baldwin Gwyn Hansen Pigott, Tim Rowan, Gustavo Perez, Natasha Daintry

The artists from the Oliver Sears collection that will be included in the exhibition are:

Marc Vaux, Maria Lalic, Robert Motherwell, Patrick Scott, William Scott, Peter Davis, Uta Barth,Ben Nicholson , Hughie O Donoghue, Chuck Webster, Jason Martin, John Beech, Katherine Boucher Beug, Stephen Lawlor, Amelia Stein, Jason Ellis and John Kelly.


OPENING RECEPTION: 6 – 8.30pm Thursday 4th September


This reception will be attended by key delegates and committee members of the conference.