SMELL THE ROSES at Atelier Lachaert & d’Hanis, Tielrode, Belgium 2-5/06/2016

During the unveiling of Atelier Lachaert & d’Hanis (from the 2nd till the 5th of June), Sofie Lachaert and Luc d’Hanis want to surprise their audience with a festive opening and with a short but explosive exhibition ‘Smell the Roses’

A story about ‘dwelling on’, about contemplation, reflection, consideration, about appealing to all the senses and stirring the imagination. But most of all a story about time; when we ‘stop and smell the roses’, it means we have to slow down, take our time and learn to appreciate what we so often pass by, unnoticed. 

An ode to the senses, … or simply as an ode to flowers and their recipient, the vase; a seemingly trivial object. Vases and flowers often immortalized on canvas as the fruit of the boundless imagination of the painter, or as a symbol of transience, the passing of time, a memento mori…

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IMG_1273 IMG_1415lachaert_dhanis_shipyard_2016_16_photo_danica_kus