SEXY Ceramics, Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands 27/08/2016-07/07/2017

From 27 August the Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics in Leeuwarden presents a titillating exhibition about eroticism: Sexy Ceramics. Classical Greek vases, refined Asian porcelain and contemporary ceramics by artists such as Louise Bourgeois and Jessica Harrison escort the viewer into the world of sex and seduction. The exhibition follows the phases of love-play, from the first touch and gentle courtship to the act of lovemaking itself. Attention is paid to hidden symbols, evocative shapes and explicit objects, but also to the sensuality of the material, the clay itself. All ceramics, from robust pottery to delicate porcelain, is made of clay that is shaped by human hands. Ceramists such as Irene Vonck, Anne Marie Laureys and Saturo Hoshino focus on the plasticity and sensuality of clay in their work. The renowned artist Alexandra Engelfriet covered the walls of an exhibition hall with clay, so that these exhibits are literally surrounded by the material. In addition, a film by the young Frisian artist Lotte Middendorp shows how she tries to merge with the tidal flats by entering the clay.