Tresor contemporary craft, Basel, Switzerland 21>24-09-2017

TRESOR contemporary craft Basel, Switzerland represented by TASTE September 21 til 24, 2017


TRESOR contemporary craft presents a novel show concept that brings together galleries specializing in applied arts worldwide, first-rate makers | artists as well as promising young talent. They showcase exciting trends and innovations in 21st century craft from a wide range of disciplines in which art, architecture and design intersect. The works are either unique or produced in a small series and appeal to international collectors, specialists, architects, designers, interior designers, makers | artists, students, tastemakers and a discerning broad audience.

TASTE artists exhibiting at Tresor 2017 Ceramics: Thomas Bohle, Alison Britton, Wouter Dam, Akiko Hirai, Anne Marie Laureys, Nicholas Lees, Paul March, Johannes Nagel, Susan Nemeth, Aneta Regel, Paul Scott, Marit Tingleff, Elisabeth von Krogh, Andrea Walsh I Glass: Baldwin & Guggisberg, Edmond Byrne, Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert I Metal: Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill, Adi Toch I Textiles: Michael Brennand-Wood I Wood: Ernst Gamperl


Cloud Uncinus 2017 Dim cm 48x35x36


Monday Basket 2017 45x38x46