Cfile FOUNDATION AUCTION, 15>25/05/2019

And it is going to be a stunner! The auction, which previews on May 15 (Garth’s 72nd birthday) and closes May 25, features an amazing group of work, donated for this event, by Ken Price, Matt Wedel, Tony Marsh, James Marshall, Aneta Regel, Anne-Marie Laureys, Keiko Fukazawa and others. 

Featured image: ‘Smell the roses’ 2018 stoneware H15,75 x 9,75 x 7 in / H40 x 25 x 18cm

To further honor Garth the Honorary Committee formed for this event has been donated so that ALL the auction costs are covered and the sales of art with be 100% free and clear. The response has been wonderful! You can join by donating to Cfile Foundation, 223 N Guadalupe #274, Santa Fe, NM 87501. 

Smell the roses H40x 25 x 18 cm