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MAESTROS DEL FUTURO, Castillo de San Jorge, Sevilla, Spain, March 22>May 31, 2023

Maestros del futuro, the exhibition is part of a larger movement celebrating craftsmanship, a movement that began in Venice in 2022 with ‘Homo Faber: Crafting a more human future’, specifically with the exhibition called ‘Next of Europe’. Since then, the Michelangelo Foundation co-created with BeCraft a Belgium-based event called ‘Creative Nature’ and is now in Seville for ‘Masters of the Future’. 

SOLID SOIL, duoshow with Stefan Peeters Galerie 10a, Otegem, Belgium til June 19, 2022

The primal element of earth in the title Solid Soil is easily connected to both artists. Anne Marie Laureys Ceramics literally starts from earth and transforms thrown clay vessels into sculptures with a very special texture. Through various firing phases, the sculptures acquire a granular and distinct structure with shifting color tones that never fail to amaze.