IN THE ROUND, Unit London, UK til April 23,2022

Unit London is excited to present its first group exhibition dedicated solely to visual art in three dimensions. In The Round places the mediums of sculpture and ceramics at centre stage, drawing on a vast global and cross-cultural history. Human beings have crafted sculptural objects for many millennia, and these objects have come to slip between practical, domestic, religious, cultural and artistic definitions. The exhibition aims to showcase these diverse sculptural mediums, which have perhaps played a secondary role to works on canvas in the contemporary artworld.

In The Round decisively brings sculpture to the fore, championing the physicality of the medium and demonstrating its continuing pertinence for modern audiences. In this sense, In The Round celebrates the fluidity of sculpture and ceramics. The exhibition questions the rigidity of past canonical sculptural parameters by emphasising the freedom of process and material that three-dimensions can allow. In The Round strives to chart the flexibility of sculptural materials that can metamorphose from something tactile and malleable into something durable and solid, while still maintaining a sense of movement and mutability.