SOLID SOIL, duoshow with Stefan Peeters Galerie 10a, Otegem, Belgium til June 19, 2022

From May 14 to June 19, we invite you to the expo Solid Soil where we present clay sculptures by Anne Marie Laureys Ceramics along with paintings by Stefan Peters.

It is the first time that the Hasselt-based painter Stefan Peters can be seen at Gallery 10a. Anne Marie Laureys Ceramics previously had a duoshow with photographer Nick Geboers during the expo Høst.

The primal element of earth in the title Solid Soil is easily connected to both artists. Anne Marie Laureys literally starts from earth and transforms thrown clay vessels into sculptures with a very special texture. Through various firing phases, the sculptures acquire a granular and distinct structure with shifting color tones that never fail to amaze.

This tactility for the material is also present in the paintings of Stefan Peters. Through the intensity of the brushstrokes you get a suggestion of recognizable natural elements.