TASTE, Contemporary Crafts, Geneva, Switzerland from 28-1>11-2- 2014.

Michael Brennand Wood

A Celebration of Contemporary Craft

Taste is a two week-long celebration of the best in contemporary craft, which will take place in central Geneva, Switzerland, from Tuesday 28 January until Tuesday 11 February 2014. We believe there is an opportunity in the arts market to create a European platform for presenting and selling cutting edge contemporary objects. It intends to change people’s perception by giving them the opportunity to see, learn and invest in craft of the highest quality. Taste is an innovative, curated exhibition championing a broad selection of craft disciplines. Both national and international artists and established and up-and-coming artists are selected.Taste.


Halima Cassell & AnneMarie Laureys a Duo Show at PULS CERAMICS Brussels, 7-9>12-10-2013



Something special on Saturday September 7, 17:00>20:00!

Annette Sloth, gallery owner, Halima Cassell & Anne Marie Laureys will give you a warm welcome on the day of the opening! Both artists will be present and they will be delighted to talk about their work on show. And… offer you drinks & nice food on Saturday September 7 from 17:00 to 20:00! PULS CERAMICS

OEVERTURE ‘Conversation Nouée’ an exhibition of 4 designers at the workshop/vitrine of Els Jacobs Ghent, 6-9>6-10-2013

conversation nouee kant A conversation nouee kant B












At the workshop/vitrine of textile designer Els Jacobs  3 women invited by Els, Nora De Rudder,Anne Marie Laureys, Ria Lins will create a dialogue using their materials: textiles, feathers,clay and silver… “Conversation Nouée”. A conversation between 4 women each with their own specific approach on their material, creations as a second skin.Oeverture.



Something special: you are invited to join a conversation about the presentation of works in Ghent on Sunday September 8 from 14hrs till 18hrs.

The ceramics of Anne Marie Laureys on show at Conversation Nouée are curated by Annette Sloth from Puls Ceramics, Brussels.

Contemporary ceramics ‘Well fired’ at Chateau Le Paige, Herentals, B 16-02>10-03-2013

International contemporary ceramics in a groupshow at a historical place Chateau Le Paige, Herentals, Belgium. Selection of participants is made by Guy Van Leemput. An evening of lectures by Jeanne Opgenhaffen and AnneMarie Laureys on wednesday February 20 at 20 hrs followed by a guided tour of the exhibition by Guy Van Leemput and Reinhilde Van Grieken+ meet and greet + drink. Le Paige Herentals

‘PARADIGM’ Norsk Kunsthandverk (Oslo), Design Flanders Gallery, Brussels, B. 27-1>17-3-2013

The exhibition Paradigm consists of works by 18 Norwegian artists working in glass, ceramics and metals. They are Ulla-Mari Brantenberg, Vidar Koksvik, Karen Klim, David Calder, Linnea Calder, Pål Vigeland, Heidi Sand, Leif Stangebye-Nielsen, Liv Midbøe, Marit Tingleff, Svein Thingnes, Sidsel Hanum, Tove Lise Røkke Olsen, Tulla Elieson, Jens Erland, Ruta Pakarklyte, Gunnar Thorsen and Irene Nordli. The curator of the exhibition is Lars Sture. Design Flanders is welcoming this group of artists and starts, after consult Lars Sture, for the presentation of this exhibition in Design Flanders Gallery a dialogue with artworks of Belgian artists.

www.norwegiancrafts.no, www.designvlaanderen.be

HIDDEN TALENTS Groupshow Gallery Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode, Belgium 9-9>14-10-2012

opening on sunday, september 9th from 2pm till 6pm

An exhibition with sparkling, new work of upcoming, talented designers. Passionately experimenting, exploring new techniques, making unconventional use of conventional materials. Striking out upon new paths. Resulting in series of seducing pieces. Unique items. Colourful or severe. Fragile yet strong. 

lucia massei
 jewelry  anne marie laureys ceramics  hans-henning pedersen wood  christina schou christensen ceramics

opening hours 

during the exhibition: fri sat sun mo 11am – 6pm or by appointment

between exhibitions: by appointment only
galerie sofie lachaert – st jozefstraat 30 – tielrode  9140 – belgium – +32 3 7111963