TASTE Contemporary Crafts 2015 at ARTGENEVE, CH from 29-01>01-02-2015

Taste at Artgenève 2015 – an exhibition in contemporary craft

29 January – 1 February 2015

We are delighted to be able to announce that Taste has been selected by Artgenève to curate a special exhibition in contemporary craft at the 4th edition of this international art fair.

Artgenève is the most important event of its kind in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Keeping current with the global art scene and its own growing international following the fair will present a diverse selection of leading international dealers and galleries.

Our invitation to participate derives from the success of the first edition of Taste held in January 2014. To be offered the opportunity, in our first year, to present what we consider to be the best in contemporary craft alongside fine art and established galleries, is further confirmation of the ascending star of contemporary craft.

Our selection will include works by a number of artists from our last exhibition as well as several new names. The focus remains on high quality, unique objects chosen for their importance, innovation and craftsmanship and selected from across a range of craft disciplines.

We champion the work of craft artists who push the boundaries. We include artists from across all craft disciplines many of whom are already established, with works in museums and private collection, as well as up-and-coming artists. Foremost, we are committed to promoting important and innovative craft that is exciting, intriguing and challenges our assumptions about what is possible.

Taste aims to stage at least one major European exhibition annually that highlights a broad selection of craft disciplines. Taste will also host more exclusive, thematic events throughout the year with a focus on specific artists or disciplines. Our ambition is to be a premier source for cutting-edge contemporary craft.

TASTE 2015


Anne Marie laureys Ceramics Belgium Bouillonement de terre 2015

VASE: VESSEL: VOID Oliver Sears Gallery Dublin, Ireland 4-9>2-10-2014


annemarielaureys ceramics belgium 2013:BK 2014:2


VASE : VESSEL : VOID curator Brian Kennedy

The exhibition looks at the movement from the still life and the functional towards abstraction in the fine and applied arts. It is a dialogue through objects between gallerist/collector Oliver Sears and curator Brian Kennedy and includes a broad range of two and three-dimensional work from the fine and applied arts.

This exhibition is a keystone event DUBLIN CRAFT TRAIL during the International Academy of Ceramics Conference Dublin 2014There is a reception Thursday 11th September. This reception will be attended by key delegates and committee members of the conference.

Exhibition dates: 4th September – 2nd October 2014

 Oliver Sears Gallery Dublin  

 29 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

 Private view 6 – 8.30, 4th September 2014

Applied artists taking part are:

Sara Flynn, Liam Flynn, Frances Lambe, Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill, Deirdre Hawthorne, Karl Harron, Karen Donnellan, Andrea Walsh, Anne Marie Laureys, Ipek Kotan, Juliette Bigley, Alison Britton,Gordon Baldwin Gwyn Hansen Pigott, Tim Rowan, Gustavo Perez, Natasha Daintry

The artists from the Oliver Sears collection that will be included in the exhibition are:

Marc Vaux, Maria Lalic, Robert Motherwell, Patrick Scott, William Scott, Peter Davis, Uta Barth,Ben Nicholson , Hughie O Donoghue, Chuck Webster, Jason Martin, John Beech, Katherine Boucher Beug, Stephen Lawlor, Amelia Stein, Jason Ellis and John Kelly.


OPENING RECEPTION: 6 – 8.30pm Thursday 4th September


This reception will be attended by key delegates and committee members of the conference.


TASTE CONTEMPORARY CRAFTS Geneva, Switserland 28-01> 01-02-2015



photo annikwetter


Taste Contemporary Craft is an annual celebration of the best in international contemporary craft.

Taste embraces international contemporary craft from cutting-edge design to its crossover with fine art and will include the disciplines of ceramics, glass, metal, textile and wood.

Taste is an innovative, curated exhibition championing a broad selection of craft disciplines and approaches.

Taste focuses on the high end market of contemporary craft. The limited edition and unique objects are chosen for their high quality, beauty and expert craftsmanship.


ARTGENEVE, the international contemporary art fair has invited TCC to showcase craft at their exhibition to be held January 28th through February 1st, 2015 at the Palexpo in Geneva. Artgeneve has offered TCC a prominent space as part of an effort by Artgeneve to develop a Craft and Design presence at their show alongside the already prominent collection of contemporary art offerings.


CERAMIC EVENT VI Brussels, Belgium 13>21-9-2014



Ceramic Event VI/ la céramique autrement…13 > 21 septembre 2014

139 avenue Molière à 1190 Bruxelles

 Plus qu’une rencontre,un événement céramique incontournable à Bruxelles.

La céramique… autrement…

Artistes, céramistes, designers, performeurs se réunissent pour vous présenter leurs créations.

Un art qui avec humour, sarcasme, sobriété, justesse et légèreté vous démontre que la céramique n’est pas que dans votre assiette…

Laissez vous surprendre par cet art en plein essor

HEAT Ceramic  Bundled Container 2011 Anne Marie Laureys Belgium

HEAT Ceramic Bundled Container 2011
Anne Marie Laureys Belgium

CFILE FOUNDATION by Garth Clark / Studio Pottery / Anne Marie Laureys: Trembling Pots

CFile is a global community for clay & ceramic creatives in art + design + architecture

article by Garth Clark about Studio Pottery / Anne Marie Laureys: Trembling Pots

Taking the thirty-year history and achievements of the Ceramic Arts Foundation (CAF) as a launch point, Garth Clark has created CFile — A Global, Non-Profit Community for Clay and Ceramic Creatives in Art, Architecture, and Design. You may think that putting clay in our title is redundant but unfired ceramics, terra cruda vs, terra cotta, is growing medium of its own in contemporary sculpture that we are following closely.” These are words by Garth Clark on http://www.cfileonline.org/cfile/

anne-marie-laureys-ceramics belgium


BE! CERAMICS MASTERCLASS  2014 Monika Patuszynska & Michael Flynn

BE! CERAMICS MASTERCLASS 2014 Monika Patuszynska & Michael Flynn

BE! CERAMICS MASTERCLASS  2014 Monika Patuszynska & Michael Flynn

BE! CERAMICS MASTERCLASS 2014 Monika Patuszynska & Michael Flynn


BE! CERAMICS MASTERCLASS  2014 Monika Patuszynska & Michael Flynn

BE! CERAMICS MASTERCLASS 2014 Monika Patuszynska & Michael Flynn


BE! CERAMICS 2014 is a initiative of Anne Marie Laureys

Monika & Michael are the first invited ceramic artists to attend the BE! CERAMICS Masterclass in Summer 2014.

  • 2013 BE! CERAMICS gets in shape.BE! CERAMICS is a fusion of the ceramic world Anne Marie is living for and the self- sustaining role of the house established with the gîte Liedericq, le petit géant.
  • 2012 Symposium Porcelain Another Way, Poland meeting Monika & Michael September 2012 Anne Marie was invited to participate at the Porcelain Another Way Symposium in Walbrzych Poland. Michael was a participant to and Monika was the driving force as ‘President’ of the Symposium for 5 years till 2012.  For AM it was a wonderfull opportunity to discover Porcelain… The experience of working together during the PAW Symposium and the personal contact with Monika and Michael culminates in BE! CERAMICS…