SPRINGSHOW, Jason Jacques Gallery, New York, USA 29/04>13/07/2019

Jason Jacques Gallery will commemorate this spring with a synthesis of the old and the new, in more ways than one. The show will feature a selection of works by our familiar and stellar roster of contemporary artists, including Eric Serritella, Morten Løbner Espersen, Osamu Kojima, Gareth Mason, Anne Marie Laureys, and Kim Simonsson. We will also be showing, for the first time, the works of Brooklyn-based and endlessly inventive artist, Shari Mendelson.

VISCERAL CLAY, Look don’t touch, Peters Projects, Santa Fe, NM, USA, 29/03>08/06/2019

Ceramics are ubiquitous in the Art World today states Marc Del Vecchio, curator of Visceral Clay and Director at Peters Projects.

Artists in the exhibition are Anne Marie LaureysAneta Regal, King Houndekpinkou, The Haas BrothersTony Marsh and Hank Saxe.

Artists are creating unique and curious works beyond the usual thought of what ceramics can be. Materials have evolved, processes have changed and in the hands of contemporary artists, new works are born every day. This exhibition gives the viewer unexpected sensations as the eye drifts across the sculptures, catching on their surfaces, colors and shapes. The organic and amorphic qualities in all these works speak to you only on their terms, with no place to escape.


CRMCS#1 Zwart Huis Brussels, Belgium, 11/11>22/12/2018

A selection of contemporary Belgian ceramics a groupshow curated by Kris Campo at Zwart Huis, Brussels, Rivoli Building #12

CRMCS#1 is an exhibition that came out of a meeting, but also because of an appetite and enthusiasm for it. When gallerist Elke Helbig of Zwart Huis met ceramicist Kris Campo there was an instant appetite and enthusiasm to celebrate and honour the ceramic arts, their expressive power, their sensuality, tactility, sense of spectacle and the visual richness of clay as an artistic vehicle.



LOOK OUT SOLOshow at Jason Jacques Gallery, New York 07/11>11/12/2018

Jason Jacques Gallery is thrilled to present new work by Anne Marie Laureys, a Belgian artist based in Russeignies, in her first solo exhibition in the United States.

Over the course of her lengthy career, Laureys’ vision of what constitutes a vessel— and wherein lies its potential— has been refined into an effervescent series of forms reminiscent of gently-gaping heart valves, clouds, sand dunes, and rippling waves fashioned of paper-thin stoneware. The undulating vessels, which Laureys has called “metaphors for feelings,” have reached their remarkably organic state of being through meticulous turns around and around the potter’s wheel, followed by sculptural warping resulting in a striking visual effect.

There is a subtle inversion the interior-exterior boundary these vessels engage in as they twist and turn on themselves. These spacious, fine forms “hide the inside while framing the outside.” Laureys’ sculptures are not only novel and technically advanced in their approach to the sculptural development of a wheel-thrown vessel, they are also visually complex and full of spaces for a wandering eye to travel through.

This life-long relationship with clay began during the artist’s studies at the Luca School of Art in Ghent, Belgium. Since then, her work has been exhibited at the Icheon Biennale in South Korea, in Taiwan (Yingge), Japan (Mino), China (Changhai), and more recently in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France and at Florida’s Boca Raton Museum of Art for the exhibition Regarding George Ohr: Contemporary Ceramics in the Spirit of the Mad Potter (2017-18).

Look Out opens November 7th and runs through December 11th. A reception will be held on November 7th from 6:00 to 8:00pm at the gallery.

HOMO FABER Best of Europe by Michelangelo Foundation, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, Italy 14/09>30/09/2018

Violet Cloud and Sunday Basket are selected for Home Faber Best of Europe.

Did you know that artisans in the Volterra region of Italy have been working with alabaster for more than three thousand years? Or that gilding leather has been a tradition in the northern Netherlands since the 17th century? Discover the rich artisanal heritage that inspires contemporary European craftsmanship in this fascinating showcase of hundreds of objects made by over 150 artist-artisans working across the continent today. Wonderfully displayed in an exhibit designed by Italian architect Stefano Boeri, each object has been conceived and made by a single creative talent who draws on the traditional techniques and materials of their homeland to create contemporary works. Together, these fascinating objects paint a picture of Europe, reflecting the rich culture, history, landscape, knowledge and skills that make up this diverse continent.





BETWEEN ART AND DESIGN The Belgian Scene, KANAL-Pompidou, Brussels Belgium 12/09>04/11/2018

Between Art & Design, The Belgian scene offers us an ensemble that reflects the wealth and particularly the diversity of contemporary Belgian design. In this selection, the most striking aspect is the great artistic diversity that is also a strong characteristic of the world of visual arts in Belgium. The designers are acting as very independent and individual and they have developed their own ideas about the day-to-day environment and the interiorobject. This exhibition highlights the importance of the questions that Belgian designers have around the choice of form and function in designs. The tension between these two fundamental aspects of design was a key element in the selection of the items for the show. This tension also comes up in the research into and experiments in the techniques and materials used. The result is always a very personal design language that invite interaction. The objects may surprise, make us think about, move us, disturb or mislead, or even amuse. Curated by Roel Rijssenbeek & Inge Vranken at the occasion of Brussels Design September 2018.

The designers :
Alain Berteau, Anne Marie Laureys, Ben Storms, Bram Boo, Brut Collective, Casimir, Charles Kaisin, Damien Gernay, Danny Venlet, De Vylder Vinck & Taillieu, Erwin De Muer, Jean-François D’Or, Julien Carretero, Kaspar Hamacher, Laend, Lionel Jadot, Maarten De Ceulaer, Marie-José Van Hee, Muller Van Severen, Octave Vandeweghe, Ola-Dele Kuku, Pierric De Coster, Piet Stockmans, Raphael Charles, Sep Verboom, atelier lachaert dhanis, Studio Job, Sylvain Willenz, MdSt, Unfold, Vincent Van Duysen, Vladimir Slavov, Hans Weyers, Xavier Lust.



CONTAINED / CONTENU Ariana Museum Geneva, Switzerland 20/04>07/10/2018



In this groupshow curated by Monique Deul of Taste Contemporary 5 recent pieces are on show.  This exhibition entitled Contained |  Contenu, Taste Contemporary, in collaboration with Musée Ariana, is proud to present the unique voices of seven internationally renowned artists working in ceramics and glass, each of whom explore particular sensibilities and concerns of containment in an exhibition of works that inhabits the territory between the physical and the emotional.

In addition they demonstrate that while materiality, form and process are intrinsic to their practice, different approaches to function also exist within their expressive vocabulary as they engage with the notion of containment.

Presskit in French, English, German : Musée Ariana