CLAY… a lifetime commitment, atelier lachaert dhanis, Tielrode, Belgium 1>22/12/2019

01 – 22 december 2019
CLAY… a lifetime commitment
curator and scenographer atelier lachaert dhanis
about ceramics in all its aspects and in all its varieties.
from sculptural autonomous work by top international artists and contemporary table jewelry to vintage ceramics and even items from the 18th century.
every sunday the doors are wide open from 10 am until 6 pm (without appointment). 
on all other days and at any time you are also very welcome by appointment or +32477648807
for groups we organise personalised visits with a guided tour
unique artworks by Anne Marie Laureys Ceramics | Antonino Spoto | Christina Schou Christensen | Johannes Nagel | Maarten De Ceulaer | Mathieu Frossard | Matthias Kaiser | Sarah Pschorn | Wouter Hoste 
domestic ceramics by Atelier Kohut | Frans Ottink | Jos Devriendt | Piet Stockmans | Ruth Gurvich | Unfold | atelier lachaert dhanis 
inspiring books from Arnoldsche Art Publishers
in collaboration with artecetera
in the venue of atelier lachaert dhanis, Tielrode (Belgium)

MEMENTO MONS, cabinets de curiosités, BAM, Mons, Belgium 05/10/2019>26/01/2020

Memento Mons is an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery.
Cabinets with a curious collection of historical pieces in an entourage of contemporary objects balancing on the border between visual art, craft and design. A contemporary cabinet of curiosities, a tribute to the ‘Wunderkammer’, in which universal notions of ‘vanitas’ are deconstructed and underlined. The concept of ‘memento’ is just as relevant and current today as it was in the time of the Romans. “Look behind you! Remember that you are only human!” the slave whispered into the ear of the victorious general during Roman triumph. [Tertullian]
In essence, nothing has really changed …

Concept & scenography:  artist duo atelier lachaert dhanis 

BAM, Beaux-Arts Mons / Rue Neuve 8 / 7000 Mons
BeCraft / Mons
Galila’s collection (P.O.C)

REAR WINDOW curated by Brian Kennedy, Masons Yard London, UK 30/10>20/12/2019

This autumn Brian Kennedy presents a new series of curated exhibitions under the title REAR WINDOW in partnership with, Taste Contemporary – Geneva, Oliver Sears Gallery – Dublin and Ting-Ying – Hong Kong.

At a time when international art fairs, biennales and exhibitions continue to grow in scale, it seems timely to re-ignite our desire to connect with art in a more intimate way, to view work in a space that relates to our domestic environment, to prompt starting points for collections. 


Thematically connected and presented in a space that eliminates disciplinary hierarchies, curator Brian Kennedy now brings us REAR WINDOW; a series of four thoughtfully curated exhibitions that explore different attitudes to contemporary creativity. Over eight weeks from October to December 2019, REAR WINDOW presents separate, but linked shows that address concerns within contemporary art, craft and design.


Beau-laid introduces the notion of beauty within work that might, on the surface, be perceived as ugly; Parallax invites us to consider artists’ varying viewpoints; Florid presents us with old fashioned extravagances within contemporary art while Repeat investigates meanings around repetition within abstraction.


Through sensitive curation, REAR WINDOW invites both existing and new collectors to view art in a culturally relevant and exciting, yet intimate space that offers a fresh insight into a world made more interesting by things.



4 Masons Yard, St. James, London SW1Y 6BU

30 October – 20 December 2019

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens AUCTION, Ghent, Belgium 31/08/2019 at 18:00hr

CATALOG Auction 2019: 
LOT 17 MASTERCLASS by Anne Marie Laureys Ceramics (experience)

MDD AUCTION, FlexXL, Flanders Expo Ghent, Belgium 31/08/2019 18:00hr

The museum Dhondt-Dhaenens invites you to a festive evening filled with art, encounters and two unique benefit auctions by Christie’s and Paddle8!

Place your bid on exceptional works of art by established artists from both home and abroad, donated by befriended artists and galleries during the live Christie’s auction.

Or discover the work of emerging talent, nominated by passionate art lovers and art professionals active in Belgium in the Paddle8 internet auction.

Portrait d’artiste, film & groupshow BeCraft Gallery, Mons, Belgium 23/06>08/09/2019


D’ordinaire, une création se présente de manière décontextualisée. Elle est là, nue devant nos yeux. 
Pourtant, l’oeuvre n’est rien sans son créateur pour lui donner forme. Et de la même façon, ces derniers ne sont rien sans un spectateur pour contempler.

C’est pourquoi BeCraft propose une découverte en plusieurs temps de ses artistes membres où créations et vidéoprojections s’exposent en vis-à-vis. 

Becraft Gallery: Site des Anciens Abattoirs 17/02, Rue de la Trouille, 7000 Mons, Belgium

À travers ces portraits d’artistes se croisent différentes disciplines motivées par différentes aspirations. Se croisent aussi les regards qui nous semblent dire quelque chose.

Portraits réalisés par Arthur Ancion, photographe et vidéaste.


Cfile FOUNDATION AUCTION, 15>25/05/2019

And it is going to be a stunner! The auction, which previews on May 15 (Garth’s 72nd birthday) and closes May 25, features an amazing group of work, donated for this event, by Ken Price, Matt Wedel, Tony Marsh, James Marshall, Aneta Regel, Anne-Marie Laureys, Keiko Fukazawa and others. 

Featured image: ‘Smell the roses’ 2018 stoneware H15,75 x 9,75 x 7 in / H40 x 25 x 18cm

To further honor Garth the Honorary Committee formed for this event has been donated so that ALL the auction costs are covered and the sales of art with be 100% free and clear. The response has been wonderful! You can join by donating to Cfile Foundation, 223 N Guadalupe #274, Santa Fe, NM 87501. 

Smell the roses H40x 25 x 18 cm

SPRINGSHOW, Jason Jacques Gallery, New York, USA 29/04>13/07/2019

Jason Jacques Gallery will commemorate this spring with a synthesis of the old and the new, in more ways than one. The show will feature a selection of works by our familiar and stellar roster of contemporary artists, including Eric Serritella, Morten Løbner Espersen, Osamu Kojima, Gareth Mason, Anne Marie Laureys, and Kim Simonsson. We will also be showing, for the first time, the works of Brooklyn-based and endlessly inventive artist, Shari Mendelson.

VISCERAL CLAY, Look don’t touch, Peters Projects, Santa Fe, NM, USA, 29/03>08/06/2019

Ceramics are ubiquitous in the Art World today states Marc Del Vecchio, curator of Visceral Clay and Director at Peters Projects.

Artists in the exhibition are Anne Marie LaureysAneta Regal, King Houndekpinkou, The Haas BrothersTony Marsh and Hank Saxe.

Artists are creating unique and curious works beyond the usual thought of what ceramics can be. Materials have evolved, processes have changed and in the hands of contemporary artists, new works are born every day. This exhibition gives the viewer unexpected sensations as the eye drifts across the sculptures, catching on their surfaces, colors and shapes. The organic and amorphic qualities in all these works speak to you only on their terms, with no place to escape.